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Dubai & Abu Dhabi Tour

Dubai & Abu Dhabi Tour

February 2018

Location: Dubai – Abu Dhabi – Ras al Khaimah – Hatta - Fujairah
Structures: Multiform - Pagodas
Services Included: AC & Power – Furniture – Fit Out

In February 2018, Wicked has been appointed as the structure and overlay supplier for the Dubai and Abu Dhabi Tours, with the construction of numerous sites for all the race stages across to UAE. Each site varied in size and scope, but all had the purpose of accommodating the competitors, VIPs, and public attendees. The tents, ranging from the smallest 3m x 3m tents all the way up to 1000+ square meters, were each equipped with power, air-conditioning capabilities and fully furnished to meet the needs of the event.

The logistic of this project was very challenging; in Dubai, the race started at a singular point but had 5 finishing lines, including RAK, Hatta and Fujairah. Similarly, the Abu Dhabi route contained 5 different starting and finishing points spanning from Madinat Zayed all the way to Al Ain. To manage this, Wicked dispatched multiple, highly efficient teams of 8 – 12 people who were able to seamlessly coordinate to ensure that the tents at each location were installed and delivered to our standards, taking into consideration specific timings and requirements of each point along both routes.

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