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Both options can be installed as a high peak structure, a standard height structure or as an Apse end for Multiform A-frame structures measuring 10m or 15m in width.

Whatever the chosen configuration, RONDO is guaranteed to form an aesthetically pleasing external structure and internal space for a multitude of purposes.

Wicked Rondos and Apse Ends are specified to the highest possible level, including hard ABS wall systems, tempered glass wall systems, tempered glass hand railing systems and double and single high quality doors.

To create maximum impact Wicked specifies its cassette wall, window, and door system in 1.2m widths, as appose to the traditional 1m. This results in fewer components and larger glass elements on doors and windows, creating a far superior look and feel and a less interrupted viewing experience.

Our RONDO range is available as either a 10m Hexagon, or a 15m Octagon.